Lecture Hall 4.0

The project "Lecture Hall 4.0" enables us to further develop the equipment of the large lecture halls at the RWTH Aachen University. Thus we support various teaching and learning concepts and provide ways for using new possibilities of digitalization in higher education.

Optimizing teaching and learning processes in lecture halls

In the Lecture Hall 4.0 project, the media technology equipment in large lecture halls at the RWTH is being further developed. Close integration with e-learning offerings creates the best possible conditions for lecturers and students to actually use all of today's possibilities of digitalization.

Within the duration of the project, requirements for the large lecture halls are described and a concept for their implementation is developed. In the future, this concept will serve as a model for the construction of new lecture halls and the renovation of existing ones.

Our goals

Teaching in the lecture hall is optimally supported by modern and networked information, communication and media technology
Lecturers and students communicate as directly, interactively and undisturbed as possible
Students are optimally supported in the learning process before, during and after the lecture
Lecturers are optimally supported in their lecture from preparation to implementation and documentation

Work packages

  • Acquisition of user requests
  • Mentoring of new construction and renovation measures in a professional context
  • Updating standards for the building equipment in a professional context
  • Development of a quality management system
  • Development of a support concept
  • Development of an operating concept for the time after the completion of the project
  • Administrative support of the IT hardware structure
  • Establishment of an appropriate maintenance concept
  • Streaming of the lecture recording
  • Control system of the lecture via RWTHmoodle

Hilfe im Hörsaal

Sollten Sie während der Projektlaufzeit Hilfe in unseren Pilothörsälen benötigen, so erreichen Sie uns montags bis freitags von 9 bis 17 Uhr per E-Mail an hoersaalsupport@cls.rwth-aachen.de oder telefonisch unter 0241 80 97739. Außerhalb dieser Zeiten werden Sie telefonisch auf eine Voice Box geleitet und Ihr Anliegen wird umgehend in den Servicezeiten bearbeitet.

Our team

The Center for Teaching and Learning Services is in charge of the operational project management. Department 5 of the central university administration and the IT Center are part of the project. The department 10 and 11 are also involved in the project as technical service providers. The project is accompanied by a steering group which represents all stakeholders of the university. Prof. Feld, Rectorate Representative for lecture halls, is responsible for the strategic management of the project.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us:
Project Manager
Carolin Gnacke, M.A. Center for teaching and learning services +49 241 80 98080
Project Manager
Prof. Lutz Feld Rektorats­be­auf­trag­ter für Hörsäle +49 241 80 27182
Dipl.-Kff. Agnes Völker Center for teaching and learning services +49 241 80 91157
Dipl.-Dolm. Julia Gesteira Costa Center for teaching and learning services +49 241 80 98394